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We are all here to help YOU succeed. These are the people backing us while we back you.

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Des Moines Area Community College
Polk County

Des Moines Public Schools
Easter Seals
Central Iowa Shelter and Services
Workforce Training Academy
Boy Scouts of America
Girls Scouts of Great Iowa
Iowa Department for the Blind
Dress for Success
Home, Inc.
Oakridge Neighborhood
Lutheran Services of Iowa


The Director's Council
Evelyn K. Davis Center
Bank On Central Iowa
United Way of Central Iowa
Asset Building Coalition
Goodwill Connection Center
Community CPA
Polk County Health Department
Veridian Credit Union
Iowa Legal Aid

Drake Legal Clinic

Iowa State University

We Have Two Types of Partners

1.  Those with the financial knowledge and expertise for the people who need it most.
2.  Those who have access to the people who need the financial knowledge and expertise.

Our financial education gives people the tools to take control of their money. We will assist your efforts in providing the curriculum and facilitating the workshops. Our curriculum provides vital assistance in areas such as:

Income Building – Financial education helps individuals learn to save money and pursue income-building options such as college degrees and certifications.

Credit Enhancement and Debt Management – Nationally, 40% of the U.S. population has either no credit score or a credit score below the level needed to access credit. Financial and credit counseling services will help individuals improve credit scores and financial stability.

Building/Preservation of Savings and Assets – Nationally, 64% of households with incomes under $25,000 have less than $500 in emergency savings. Access to financial education will help these families learn about savings opportunities such as IDAs, microenterprise development and asset-building opportunities such as home ownership programs.

Interested in FEC providing an Info Session for your organization or employees? Sign up here!

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